Hire some help, 

earn back some cash.

How does some extra cash in your pocket sound? Great right? With Quotefinds, all you have to do is hire one of our professionals to help with tasks around your home, and we give you an instant 2% cash rebate for telling us about your experience. Easy.

But how much cash are we talking about?

Hire a mover


on average
That’s a bottle of wine to crack
open in your new home.

Replace your roof


on average
That’s a nice night on the town
with your special someone

Pave your driveway


on average
That’s a few tanks of gas for that
beauty parked in your brand new driveway.

Install a new pool


on average
That is one heck of a sweet pool party
for you and all your new pool friends.

Here’s how it works

  1. Find the right provider through our website.
  2. Book and pay for your service through Quotefinds.
  3. Once the service is complete, submit a quick survey letting us know about your experience.
  4. Boom! You’re done. Money is deposited into your account and you are on your way to Cashland.*

*Disclaimer: Cashland is not a real place, but you will be feeling pretty good about all the money you saved.

No complicated mail in offers.

No waiting ages for a cheque in the mail.

Plain, simple, and fair.