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We believe in transparency in business.

Learn more about who we are, what we believe,

and what we do in pursuit of those beliefs.

James Weatherbie

James Weatherbie


Corey Bowser

Corey Bowser

VP Customer Experience

Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon

Chief Technical Officer, CTO

Quinne A.

Quinne A.

Social Media Manager

Taylor Weatherbie

Taylor Weatherbie

Digital Content Specialist

Our Mission

Our mission has three key pillars:

    Make success accessible.

    We don’t believe that the ability to grow your business effectively should depend solely on how much more money you can spend over your competitors. With this in mind, we do not allow providers to pay their way to the top of the suggestions, our feedback model is verified and actionable, and we offer services all subscribers large and small can afford.

    Improve the home service shopping experience.

    It’s no secret that there are tons of different ways to find services in your local market. However, our mission is to improve this experience by impacting several core parts. Transparency, effective competition, and a focus on service over price.

    Allow individuals a chance to get to work.

    We are passionate about getting our customers to work. With a focus on expanding our services into areas most affected by job loss and overall lack of work, our aim is to provide a path to talented individuals allowing them to make their first steps into the growing gig economy. The more we can do to help create new entrepreneurs, the closer we will be to reaching our vision.

    Our Vision For The Future

    We strive for a world where we can one day empower millions of side hustlers and small businesses to create a better life for themselves and their families.

    Guiding Principles

    Our guiding principles act as a quick reminder of the ideas that we work for every single day. They embody the mission and vision of the organization as a whole and we expect our team to act with them in mind in their day to day.

    Empower The Underdog

    We believe in looking out for the “little guy” in business and providing an equal playing field for all.

    Create Experiences

    We believe customers don’t just remember services or benefits, they remember experiences. We aim to create memorable experiences customers can brag about.

    Raise The Standard

    We don’t believe in “good enough”. To create the experiences we strive for, we work to continually raise the standards on what a customer should expect.

    Keep Learning

    We never allow ourselves to get complacent in knowledge. We strive to always learn new and better ways to grow our business and serve our customers in new and exciting ways.

    Core Values

    Our core values act as a compass for our actions – always showing true north.


    To succeed on the level we expect, you must have a passion for what you do.


    To be effective in our mission, our team has to live and embrace the hustle.


    We never have all the answers – and won’t pretend we do



    We need to be able to trust every member of our team with the keys to the company.


    We need brave souls who are ready and willing to make courageous risks.


    Fast, flexibility is essential to the continued success of our company.