Uncommon answers to common questions


Q: Do I have to pay to use Quotefinds?
A: Quotefinds is provided as a free service to anyone looking to hire a professional.

Q: Does Quotefinds collect and sell my personal information?
A: Quotefinds does not sell any user data to third party companies.

Q: Do I need an account to use Quotefinds?
A: You do not need an account to search for a professional. You do need an account to leave a review.


Q: Do I have to pay to put my business of Quotefinds?
A: Nope! Quotefinds offers a free option to use the site. More in-depth services are available for a small monthly fee.

Q: I am the only employee of my business, can I still use Quotefinds?
A: Absolutely! Quotefinds is all about empowering the underdog and we are here to help.

Q: A customer has left a false review about me, can it be deleted.
A: Quotefinds has an internal system for dealing with false reviews, simply reach out to us and we can look into the matter.

Q: Can I pay to have my business closer to the top?
A: No, Quotefinds operates on a review based system so that no one business can simply buy their way to the top.