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Hire some help, earn back some cash. 


No complicated mail in offers.

No waiting ages for a cheque in the mail. 

Plain, simple, and fair.

How It Works

1. Fill out a quick questionnaire providing details for your task.

2. Our quote finding experts track down service providers in your area and present all the best finds, customized for you.

3. Review, and choose the one that’s right for you.

4. We handle all the bookings, scheduling, and payments easily and securely.

5. Provide us with some feedback on your service and we give you cash back!

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“Find everything you need for your home, all in one place. No more searching, receive every quote with helpful guide for only $19.99!  

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What Customers Say

“I was at a loss when I had to replace our central heatpump. We had quotes all over the map for the service and didn’t know who to trust. James and the team at Quotefinds were able to source quotes for us, eliminate the expensive outliers and present us with options that saved us thousands of dollars. I will never take on an expensive project without using Quotefinds again!”

Jake Swan
Liftoff Capital

“Quotefinds is a great solution for a homeowner like me.  As a busy entrepreneur, I don’t have time or money to waste trying to find someone reputable when I need service or repairs to my 10-year old home.  I’m glad Quotefinds is here to help!”

Christel Seeberger

“I know many people who are really good at things they are doing, but have no clue how to market their business right. This makes other impossible to find their services and see examples of their awesome works. Promotion of local businesses using specific platforms such as Quotefinds is one of the most affordable and effective ways to get the word out and get noticed!”

Maksym Bezorudko
Zwebra Web Studios

“Quotefinds is a new solution for an age old problem. You’re moving and you call for a price from the first three movers that appear in your search. The problem is that they may all be the same movers, so instead of three quotes you really just get one. Quotefinds eliminates this google bias and allows for more unique companies to bid on a job. The result is the best fit for the consumer. Quotefinds is highly disruptive “rudder left” technology for home owners.”

Peter Oxley
Liftoff Capital